Welcome to the team!

Hi, I’m Erin. The kiwi import with an Irish name. Moving overseas from New Zealand I was always anticipating new and strange times, but 2020 has really been something else (as we all know). Back in late February, with a UK visa tucked into my passport, the original plan was to base myself in Liverpool but three weeks in everything quickly changed. With uncertainty rising and lockdown impending we made the decision to fly across to the Emerald Isle and set up camp with my boyfriend’s family in Warrenpoint. Six months later we’re still here and as of today I start my new job as Digital Marketing Executive with Deli Lites! Starting a new job in the middle of a global pandemic has been an experience so far. Trying to remember new faces and names just by someone’s eyes, and learning to decipher that Northern Irish twang muffled through a mask is just another skillset I’m building. I have to admit the office is eerily quiet especially hearing stories of the social hub it once was (and will be again I’m sure!) however I’m optimistic about what the rest of 2020 and beyond has to offer. This year simply highlights the importance and opportunity of having a business online. Deli Lites E-commerce store launched earlier in the year and has given access to a part of normal daily life from the comfort of our own homes, or your boyfriend’s family home in my case. The delivery of Deli Lites caramel squares to our house in March went down an absolute treat. Social media has connected us in a powerful way and has allowed us to stay together albeit while staying 2 metres apart. My background has always been in Photo and Video ever since completing a Bachelor of Design, majoring in Photographic Design, back in New Zealand. Since then I have taken portraits of families in -20 degrees on the top of a ski lift in Canada, photographed weddings, created digital content for social media as a freelancer and worked in a small marketing team for a pre-made meal company. Before coming to Northern Ireland I was part of a team who took photo and video of people bungy jumping everyday. You could say I’m used to taking a leap into the unknown. This time I’m leaping into a bunch of sandwiches, and I couldn’t be happier. While culture and people are, in my opinion, one of the most important aspects of a job and from what I’ve experienced so far it will continue to be a highlight of coming to work everyday. My love for food and cooking only further enhances this role’s appeal to me. 2020 just means I’ll have the opportunity to explore joining a new company in a new way. Flexibility and uncertainty may be a part of day to day life now but that’s also what makes it great. You never know what you’re gonna get, to quote Forrest Gump. Maybe I’ll just have to meet Ricky from Manufacturing on Zoom rather than in the flesh.