Welcome, Lukas!

Meet Lukas! He is our latest addition to the Marketing family! He has joined DELI LITES on a higher level apprenticeship scheme, aiming to complete his foundation degree which he is undertaking through Open University via the Southern Regional College. Here’s a deeper dive into what he's all about. February 6th 2008 marked the day we travelled from the wintery depths of a humble country town in Lithuania and planted our feet on the lush, somewhat breezy, Irish soil. Fast forward to now and I’m celebrating the start of my 13th year here, in my new job role with DELI LITES. I can certainly say it's been a journey, but without presenting my full autobiography, I have come from creative and visual roots - with an undeniable passion for business and understanding the inner workings. It has definitely been a progressive journey to find a definition of what my role and capabilities are. As a youngster, I loved sketching and drawing - eventually bringing that skill set to a more digitised medium via digital art, animation, and graphic design. That’s what got me involved with a range of businesses initially. However, I needed to know more! Being naive and fresh minded I wanted to see a fuller picture of the processes that take place behind successful brands. That is what led me to the marketing role and area of academic study that I’m currently involved with. I love getting entangled with the ‘behind the scenes’ of what customers and clients see on the forefront of the brand and more importantly enjoy the messy, yet fulfilling aspect of seeing everything come together. Being able to find myself working in such a professional and motivating environment is already doing wonders for my improvement and overall mindset! I love food (but who doesn't?) having Lithuanian heritage I have enjoyed a variety of flavours and dishes, that to an Irish eye, would seem questionable. So working in a business with a culture based around food innovation certainly makes me feel right at home. Coming in every morning and smelling some of the stuff our Food Innovation Manager Gary is working on is a great way to start the day! 2020 was not without difficulty but looking forward to better times is what keeps me driven and focused and I am buzzing to see what I can do for the DELI LITES vision.