Upcoming Trends for 2022

Over the last decade, we have seen numerous fads come and go. The demand for plant-based alternatives has doubled in the past five years. As a result, it has encouraged demand for further transparency from many household brands. Unsurprisingly this has sparked an era of food innovation that has affected daily eating habits.

In its infancy, attempts at innovation were practised by taking an existing product and converting it from meat-based to plant-based. Fast forward to now, and product development chefs are much keener to take inspiration from the more subdued and somewhat niche cuisines. Thus, directly influencing an upsurge in unique and interesting products. The new year is just around the corner and our Purely Plant-Based products are all lined up for Veganuary! Here are some trends that our innovative chefs think will impact the food industry.

- Tropical Flavours -

Poke bowls are no stranger to you foodies! These initially originated from Hawaii, before being introduced to the rest of the world. Traditionally made with ahi tuna or octopus roughly diced into chunks. Now we can find the essence of this dish featured in many alterations. We believe you should seek inspiration from tropical cuisines and native recipes! These provide an excellent opportunity from which chefs can innovate. Many traditional recipes are inherited from generation to generation, some of which feature a plant-based approach. The popularisation of unique recipes found on social platforms - is a perfect start for further creative input.

- Flexitarianism -

6 in 10 flexitarians are actively trying to further reduce their meat consumption in the UK. What’s stopping the others? Well, there are transitional steps involved with adapting to a flexitarian diet. Some; simply can’t find the desired alternatives to counteract their meat-eating habits. Innovation on meat alternatives has come a long way and provide an excellent introduction to a more balanced diet. However, in a YouGov survey, 35% of flexitarians expressed that they didn’t think a meatless diet is the healthier option. 21% being neutral about the subject. It is either because they haven’t found the right products, or it doesn’t exist yet. There are gaps within the offering which provides an excellent opportunity for new product development.

- Global Hot Flavours -

Spicy condiments and ingredients are receiving a whole lot of attention. We noticed a growing interest in non-conventional spices, extracts and chillies sourced from various countries. Their popularity is supported and inspired by an ever-growing food community online which share recipes from many cultures. It is also worth noting, the sales of herbs and spices are up 41% in the UK, as reported by Waitrose.

The popularisation of ‘spicy food challenges’ and ‘spice tolerance building’ online videos has fuelled the trend. The aim is often to challenge yourself with the spiciness level or to improve their spice tolerance to develop their palates. Furthermore, the fitness community is obsessed with spicy flavour bombs that present minimal caloric impact on their diets.

Foodies and consumers alike expect a selection of healthier convenience food options that are as filling as they are delicious. Our industry-based insights tell us that it is just as important to pay attention to developing products based on industry-driven data as it is applying creative innovation. Products are no longer an on-shelf placeholder, they are an expression of business ethos, personality, and vision. Foodies, keep a close watch - we have lots of exciting things coming in 2022.