Trend Bulletin: Meat-free meat

The vegan and plant-based sector has blown up over the last few years and we’ve been creating wholesome meat-free solutions since its conception. The rapidly growing ‘meat-free meat’ trend shows no signs of slowing down so our Food Innovation Manager stroke chef stroke genius, Gary, has taken a deep dive into the meat-free meat world. Read below to see what he believes is the best on the market right now.

Beyond Meat have well and truly defined the meat-free meat market, opening the eyes of the sceptical and converting the hardcore carnivores. Their burger patties are doing their best to replicate the taste, texture and look of its beef predecessor. Gary’s verdict: “If you love meat but hate its impact on the environment, this is the one to try.”


Pulled oats have been making a regular appearance in the Food Innovation Hub for a while now. These can be used anywhere where you’d regularly use minced meat, and boy are they versatile! Gary's favourite brand at the moment is Gold and Green.

Don’t be a chicken, THIS is worth sinking your teeth into! ‘THIS Isn’t Chicken’ took 18 months to develop, and the result is impressive. Gary tried the Dark Soy and Garlic pieces and rated it as the best he’s tried in regard to flavour and texture. Available in flavoured skewers, pieces, and nuggets too.

While Finnebrogue’s ‘Naked Without the Oink’ vegan bacon originally caught our attention for obvious reasons, the taste has kept us hooked! Some customers are saying it’s the tastiest bacon they’ve ever had, and Gary agrees wholeheartedly. In fact, this bacon will be makin’ its way into some of our products soon!


Veggie sausages aren’t new to the market, but Denny’s are one local brand we are loving. Made with soya protein, coconut oil and their own seasoning, Denny’s sausages are Irish favourites! With a range of mince and burgers as well, they’re the perfect addition to a meatless BBQ.