Meet the Team - Stacie Magill

Meet Stacie, our Customer Account Executive who started her DELI LITES journey in June of 2019. Stacie initially came into the business as part of our Sales Orders team as an Administrator whilst simultaneously working hard to complete her HND in Business. She didn’t stay bolted down in her role for too long as she quickly showed initiative and enthusiasm to excel at her role and go beyond for the customer. She also progressed in her academic path. Here is what she had to say.

“I have been working and studying for the better part of my career here at DELI LITES. I only recently completed a Bsc Honours Degree in Business Studies. I had been working towards the degree part-time for the last 2 years and was extremely happy to receive a 2:1 in June of 2021. I have been glad to have a little more time to focus on my career after the completion of the degree, however, I don’t feel like my academic journey is over yet. I hope to complete a masters in the near future to support my growth here at the business.”

My transition to Commercial Sales work started with the relaunch of our plant-based brand Kitchen Vegilantes in January of 2021. I started working on a few projects on a part-time basis with on-boarding new stores, working to grow distribution across the portfolio, dealing with the day-to-day communications and enquiries from retail sites while also continuing with my other role.

Initially, I began to work on smaller accounts, then progressed to larger accounts with market leaders and production plans. I eventually moved into my new role in April 2021 where I have been ever since. I had an evenly balanced progression curve which eased me into my new role and allowed for a smoother transition.”

Stacie eagerness for self-improvement has not only benefited her but also the business. She is a prime example of how we intend to nurture successful and fulfilling careers. Our career development philosophy is based on providing our employees with the right opportunities by listening to their needs. DELI LITES is fully equipped to create the workforce of the future and Stacie is a prime example of this happening across the company.