Meet Ronan - Export Sales Manager!

Ronan Gourley is our Export Sales Manager at DELI LITES and has been a valuable member of the team for almost 3 years. He is the chief navigator on our journey to bring the best Irish Food-To-Go to the World! Take it away Ronan; Building our frozen export business over the last couple of years has been a real learning experience and something I am really pleased about. We have established a strong relationship with our distribution partners. Last year we began working with a major international forecourt retailer and are excited to continue the roll out in their stores across several countries in Europe. I am immensely proud of our Sales team, especially over what has been, without doubt, the most challenging 12 months in business with not only the pandemic but Brexit as well. Throughout, we have continued to bring innovation to our existing customers, and have also been able to launch with new partners, over the past 2 years in particular. Our partnerships with major Grocery retailers across Ireland have been very pleasing. We are at our best as a Sales team when we work alongside customers to develop the right creative and effective offers. I am enthusiastic about our plans at DELI LITES over the next few years, with frozen export sales taking the lead. There is an increasing desire for Plant-based Food To Go solutions, and I am delighted with our increased offers in 2021 to ship frozen for our international customers, as well as fresh in Ireland. Consumers' tastes over recent years are increasingly diverse and they look for products made from premium ingredients that hit the mark visually and with that great taste we are known for. International buyers are seeing the benefits of bringing in frozen, due to the flexibility this allows their business. DELI LITES scored highly as a manufacturer with high-quality products with the ‘homemade’ feel due to our artisan facility; which taste and hold so well once served because of the ingredients and how they are used. In fact, our international customers tell us they are unable to source hot food-to-go products locally that hold their good quality compared to our products delivered in frozen. Our frozen Heat To Eat ranges are the result of years of development and testing, so cannot be quickly replicated. However, we do not rest! Consumers are constantly changing and so are we. Placing the consumer at the heart of everything we do continues. DELI LITES Ireland is chef-led and our company is full of foodies. Bringing innovation and trying new formats and recipes is what we love to do; but we do not lose sight of what consumers want and need. I feel privileged to bring our customers such high-quality food products, developed with world-class innovation and backed by the best in technical excellence. Personally, I just love Mexican food, so our Chipotle Chicken burritos and Bean Enchiladas are my favourites, and it is hard to beat a slice of our award-winning Salted Chocolate Brownie afterward, yum!