Meet Rachel - Production Manager!

Rachel is our Production Manager here at DELI LITES! She is the glue that holds our Production Team together, and we are proud to say she has been a part of our family here for 14 years! Over to you, Rachel. “I am a self-motivated and result-driven person. I have been working at DELI LITES since 2006. I studied in Bulgaria Biotechnology and after graduating, I decided to work abroad. I was working for 3 months in Scotland before I came to Northern Ireland, and DELI LITES was my first job in here. At the very beginning I was working as a Production Operator but over time I have been promoted a few times! First to Production Team Leader, then to Production Supervisor and afterwards to Assistant Production Manager. My current career as Production Manager started in 2016. Outside of DELI LITES, in my spare time I try to spend lots of time with my family. In my role I am managing our Production Department. It is my job to ensure that all products adhere to technical standards and specifications. I make sure our production process produces the highest quality products, within the required time frame to meet all the customer orders and needs. I am responsible for quality and food safety of all products produced. This is hard, but if I had to choose one, my favourite DELI LITES product would be our Salt N Chilli Chicken wrap. It’s hard because all our products are nice! Working with people is the part of my role I like most, although sometimes can be a very difficult part of my job. I am connected and working very closely with almost all the departments. I really feel like DELI LITES is part of my family!”