Meet Eimear - Supplier Approval Technologist!

Eimear’s role as Supplier Approval Technologist involves ensuring that our suppliers and their products meet our incredibly high quality, legality and safety standards. This is done through supplier questionnaires, risk assessments, verifying intake of goods and site auditing. It is an extremely important and varied role that Eimear thrives in. Take it away, Eimear! Having studied International Hospitality and Tourism Management at Southern Regional College with a keen interest in the catering and food safety aspects of the course, I knew this was something I wanted to try and pursue a career in. I applied to DELI LITES knowing they were a local family run company and wanted to get my foot in the door. After over 3 years working here so many other doors have opened for me, and I now hold the busy role of Supplier Approval Technologist. As a sandwich company, we rely on our suppliers to help us create the best of Irish food to go so it is important that we work closely with them on our journey, especially during these difficult times where things like Brexit and Covid can raise some issues. We are lucky to have a fantastic team of local suppliers we have worked with for many years. Since the Covid pandemic took over, I was offered a secondary role as Covid Officer. Admittedly I was hesitant at the beginning, this was a new role that was completely alien to everyone, but knew this was an opportunity to do my bit to help. DELI LITES were very supportive and I was amazed at how well we adapted to change, a lot of extra measures were put into place, working from home for those who can, wearing face coverings on site, and social distancing to name a few. We also teamed up with a local company NI Testing, attending a 3-day intensive course to elevate our First Aider status to First Responder, followed by the Covid testing course. This allowed us to become healthcare professionals and conduct Covid-19 Antibody and Antigen testing on-site for our staff to protect the business, our staff and their families. If anyone told me 1 year ago this is what I would be doing, I wouldn’t believe them for one second! I think this past year has put a lot of perspective on things for a lot of people, it has been tough on everyone and I am delighted to see things here starting to open up again, but we are not out of the woods just yet. One of our brand pillars here is Be Positive, which I love, but if you come to me for testing, be negative!