Food Hub Club - Let’s Talk Flexitarianism

Our first Food Hub Club of 2020 was an overwhelming success! The theme of the event was ‘Let’s Talk Flexitarianism’ and saw us host 'Vegilantes - Plant Powered Meals' who celebrated the launch of their very first range created in collaboration with #DELILITES. On the night we had an expert panel who spoke about the benefits of Plant based foods. The Expert Panel included: - Jessica Gresty - An expert on all things vegan, she is an online coach at the top of her game. - Ollie Jowett- A personal trainer who has a brain tumour. Ollie follows a ketogenic diet, which is high fat and meat-based, he believes this is helping him beat cancer. - Rebecca Maguire - A practicing pharmacist who provided her medical expertise on the night. Rebecca follows a flexitarian style approach to dieting. - Kevan Jordan - The founder of Kitchen Vegilantes who believes a plant-based diet is what fuels his physique and performance