Ghana Water Donation

Water Club: Ghana Project


Thanks to Rostrevor Presbyterian Church, we are helping to make big differences to families’ health, allowing children to attend school instead of walking miles for water for basic needs to drink, wash, and irrigate crops. Our donation will cover 50% of the cost for a village water scheme, helping a village in Ghana get a new fresh water source.
73% of the population, approximately 23 million people, use water that may not follow sanitary standards. Meaning only 3.9 million people in Ghana can access water that is safe!
We are fortunate to have clean unpolluted water at our disposal. Let’s help Ghana source clean water too.


Ghana is suffering from a water pollution crisis. There are not a lot of functioning water filters in Ghana. The government plans to replace these defective filters, but with high costs they need our help!
Poor housing facilities like sinks and toilets cause polluted water to enter waterways, causing families to resort to water vendors, which are often not sanitary.
This leads to a vicious cycle of water pollution, where more people get sick as a result.
One of the leading diseases affecting the people of Ghana is cholera, spread primarily through the use of faulty toilets and plumbing. The government has taken steps to improve the state of affairs with the Ghana Clean Water Project. This project seeks to improve the water situation by hiring skilled individuals to administer water quality testing as well as teaching communities how to maintain sanitation practices.


With population levels growing, alongside rapid urbanisation the incidence of water pollution is increasing. Between 2016 and 2050, it’s estimated that the population of Africa will double. For Ghana, this means the strain on water resources will also increase. Ghana’s situation can only get worse as time goes on.
Costs are estimated at $236 billion to grant universal access to water across Africa and creating a sustainable infrastructure, necessary to keep water supplies high. The government needs outside help from us all, it may be some time before it acquires any substantial gain in sanitation or water production. Building awareness will help Ghana raise the funds they need to gain a safe and sustainable water source.

Can you help contribute to the Water Club Ghana Project? Get in touch with Rostrevor Presbyterian Church today.